bip-hop generation : vol.8 : strings of consciousness


Philippe Petit (laptop/turntables) + Hervé Vincenti (guitar/laptop) + Lydwine Vanderhulst (deprepaired piano) + Sarah Elze (double bass) + Raphaelle Rinaudo (harp) + Andy Diagram (trumpet / electronics) + Nicolas Dick (guitars) + Perceval Bellone (saxophone)

Strings Of Consciousness started as a string quartet, as its name makes clear, but it is also a direct literary reference to the “stream of consciousness”, a term that was earlier in the 20th century to illustrate the flow of words echoing the narrator’s thoughts. A narrative technique which is dear to the ensemble because of musical improvisations they all feel strongly about.
Strings Of Consciousness wish to go beyond the traditional artistic and stylistic approach to electronic musics, favouring the human touch. Their common taste for risk-taking and for flights of sonic poetry has seen them working on musical motifs that can evoke at times a stormy, cinematic, or contemporary atmosphere.


This is Strings Of Consciousness’ first International release but the ensemble is finalising its first album...

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