Tennis is the occasional project of Ben Edwards (Benge) and Douglas Benford (si-cut.db). Their last album on Bip Hop, “Furlines” was their most concise statement yet, an amalgam of miniature rhythmic sounds and digitized processing (with an additional CD of remixes by Kim Cascone, Oren Ambarchi, Scanner, Electroncat, Tim Hecker, Pimmon and Mikael Stravostrand amongst others). Tennis have been played on radio stations across europe and the US, gaining also glowing reviews in The Wire, Spex, De:bug, and webzines. Tennis also have compilation tracks for Fylkingen (Sweden), Spa.rk (Spain), and the RT-32 astronomical project (Latvia) and Expanding (UK).

Selected Discography:

Tennis : Furlines + remixes (Bip Hop, 2002)
Tennis : Duckshelf - 7” (Expanding, 2001)
Tennis : Europe on Horseback (Bip Hop, 2001)
Tennis : Wooden Sweets (ECR, 2000)

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