TU M' (IT)

TU M’ is a duo from Città Sant’Angelo, a small village in central Italy. Rossano Polidoro and Emiliano Romanelli have started TU M’ in 1998, chosing their name from Marcel Duchamp’s last painting. They have released several critically acclaimed records on labels such as Dekorder, Phthalo, ERS/Staalplaat, Fallt, Cut. They have recently started the group Steno with Frank Metzger (ex Oval). They have collaborated with Steve Roden and Simon Fisher Turner. Additionally they run the CD-Label Mr.Mutt and curate the Mp3-Label TU M’p3.

Selected Discography:

TU M’ : Just One Night (Dekorder, 2005)
TU M’ : Pink Shark (Phthalo, 2004)
TU M’ : Pop Involved [Ver.3.0] (Fällt/Ferric, 2004)
TU M’ and STEVE RODEN : Broken. Distant. Fragrant. (Rossbin 2003)
TU M’ : and The Magical Mystery Orchestra (Aesova, 2003)
TU M’ : Domenica/Novembre (ERS/Staalplaat, 2002)
TU M’ : Garden (12K/Term, 2002)
TU M’ : A-B (FatCat, 2001)

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