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IRIS GARRELFS : specified encounters
[Bleep 29]

Iris Garrelfs is best known for her emotive, improvised glitch-tech performances based around electronically manipulated and digitally warped voice sounds. The Wire has described her sound as "Garrelfs’s divine caressing tones floated over the audience… Garrelfs’s voice swelled up into vast cavernous echoes, sweeping the audience with it"
Specified Encounters has been moulded from dissected, transmuted voice sounds, settling somewhere between Arvo Pärt and Christan Fennesz.

Iris Garrelfs performs solo as well as in collaboration with other soundartists, for example Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot). An excerpt of their concert at Sprawl's Interplay festival in 2003 will be released early next year. Other collaborations include Kaffe Matthews, Scanner, Si-cut.db and Freeform, which has recently been re-released as part of the Burnt Friedman compiled and remixed compilation Condensed on Nonplace. She has recently finished a track for Jem Finer's (The Pogues) Longplayer project.

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Iris is also active creating multi-channel, mainly site-specific sound based installations. Commissions have included pieces for the Centre of Contemporary Art in Glasgow (released on a limited edition CD) and the installation Spoor at Grafisch Atelier in Den Bosch, Holland (as part of Earational Festival 2004). With Croatian filmmaker Mario Radinovic she is working on a film/performance project. It has been premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana.

As co-organiser of Sprawl, the London based home for electronic sound, Iris has been curating and producing electronic and digital sound events and releases. Since 1996 Sprawl has brought together uncompromising artists from the UK and abroad for live sound events and “imaginative compilations” (The Wire). Sprawl has featured artists such as Talvin Singh, Scanner, Jem Finer, David Toop, Christian Fennesz, Hayley Newman, snd, Vladislav Delay and many more. Sprawl has organised events in conjunction with Tate Modern, the Goethe Institute and Body Shop amongst others.


Together with Kaffe Matthews, Iris is involved with Field 61, most recently hosting a monthly radio show on London’s soundart station Resonance FM (1st Friday of every month).

Iris gets invited as a speaker and on panels at events In the UK and abroad. She has appeared on TV, for example and ARTE TV with Stockhausen in “Well Tempered Computer - Are Computers able to compose” and on ITV’s Mixmasters TV. This project has recently been released by Moonshine in the US and has received a nomination for Best Music DVD at the Dancestar Awards.

In her other incarnations Iris has been abusing her record collection in one of her minimal mix-fests, for example at the ICA, Turnmills, 93 Feet East. As a photographer, Iris has been published by magazines such as The Wire, The Face, Muzik, Marie Claire, Spex, Keyboard Japan and others