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LEO ABRAHAMS : scene memory
[Bleep 33]

'Scene Memory is a step in a completely different direction, consisting of a series of contemporary textural studies for the electric guitar.Moody and atmospheric; broodingly melancholic yet melodic; radical but accessible, the album is the result of Leo’s experiments with new ways of approaching the guitar. The tracks were constructed by playing the instrument through chains of laptop effects in real time, rather than manipulating the sounds after the performance. Partially improvised, it contains no edits.
Therefore, an air of tension is maintained even throughout the most static and bucolic pieces. The extraordinary variety of sounds makes it hard to believe that they all come from the same instrument.

Remixes have been provided by Hans Joachim Roedelius (formerly of Cluster), J Peter Schwalm, David Holmes and Jon Hopkins. These are available to download from the Bip_Hop website.

The record’s mood is influenced by the composer Morton Feldman, whose intent was to isolate what he called the Abstract Experience – in Leo’s words “...this emotion we get from art that can’t be categorised, a bit like melancholy in a positive and beautiful sense. In that way I like music to be suggestive of something, but to leave a lot to the

Some reviews of Honeytrap:

“Subtle, imaginative and intoxicatingly lovely” (BBC)
“A stunning guitarist” (Songlines)
“Inspired” (Music Week)
“A work of undulating genius” (Guitarist)
“Pulls you into something so deep that it becomes an experience rather than a sound”
“Touching and majestic. Recommended” (
“Rides on an air of anxiety, keeping the listener enthralled” (MishMash)
“Music to become familiar with and ultimately to cherish for its unadorned beauty”
(Whisperin’ and Hollerin’)

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Leo Abrahams (b. 1977) studied composition at the Royal Academy of Music before
embarking on a career as a guitarist, arranger and producer. He has enjoyed long-
standing associations with Brian Eno (appearing on several albums), Ed Harcourt with
whom he has toured and recorded for 6 years, and film composer David Holmes (Oceans
12 and the award-winning Code 46). He has also collaborated with artists as diverse as
Rachid Taha, Paul Simon, Grace Jones, Nick Cave and Imogen Heap among many others.
2005 saw the release of Leo’s debut album Honeytrap on the independent UK label Just
Music. A collection of evocative, cinematic instrumentals blending folk, ambient and ethnic
influences, the record was critically acclaimed and interest continues to grow, aided by
innovative live shows and tracks being licensed to film and TV.