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architectural effects (Bleep 23)

Roman Belousov is an electronic musician from Moscow, Russia.
Novel 23 started making music back in1997 and released several albums, most notable on Solar X imprint and Pitchcadet out of america.
He was also invited to split EPs, remixes, and tracks for numerous international IDM compilations.
His sound originates in a combination of computer audio technologies and old soviet synthesizers, electro rhythms and romantic melodies, which evoke new visions for curious listeners. Alongside compatriots like Solar X, EU, Fizzarum, Novel 23 is one of the few who has managed to be heard outside the borders.

"Architectural Effects" was created between 2000-2002. Ten tracks combines into one conception which is dedicated to architecture. Each track reflects element of architecture, constructions or styles.
Musically it is pure melodic, blissful electronica.

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01 Portal to cittadella
02 Curvatura  
03 Pinnacles
04 Viaduc  
05 Lucarne  
06 Porticus of grotta
07 Gothic vimperg  
08 Medieval ruins
09 Cella fontis gutta  
10 Rotonda
+ Porticus of grotta Video by Phase4