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PAN/TONE : newfound urban calm + remix album
(Bleep 26/27)

Pan/Tone is known for his releases on BackGround, Onitor, Neuton, Revolver, SubStatic but we are proud to present his best work to date. 12 new compositions + 10 remixes = 136 minutes filled with miniaturized techno. Subtle moves for your body, food for thoughts leading step by step to a restricted dance area.

shelbono "barracuda” del monte ....real name (sheldon sidney LeRock) was born in a desolate lumber/mining town in the northern regions of Ontario, Canada. Shelbono started composing music while living in Windsor (near Detroit), a city known as the mecca for techno, no!...(is it?).

Pan/tone has been in the forefront of the Canadian techno movement and was awarded “Best Techno Act, 2003” from NOW magazine. He has been featured at well respected Music Festivals such as MUTEK (Montreal, Canada), AVANT MUTEK (Toronto, Canada) and North by Northwest. pan/tone has been consistently performing in Europe and Japan and has over 28 recording credits thus far (Sub-static, Revolver, Background Records, Onitor…).

In 2003, 15 new songs have been sent to some friends so that they rework them, the result is the double CD "newfound urban calm".
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CD 1 32kb
1) Sans adore
2) Get off my charlie pride ride
3) No pecos por favor
4) Zut alore, je vous adore
5) Fantastique fantasy pants
6) Nil lights
7) Urban calm
8) Unexplained stains
9) Radio dispatch
10) Sudbury
11) Dirty days
12) Lilo (last in, last out)
CD 2
1) Frank Martiniq : urban calm rmx.
2) Falko Brocksieper / Mia : je vous adore rmx.
3) Rene Breitbarth : sans adore rmx.
4) Repair : fantasy pants rmx.
5) Losoul : zut alore rmx.
6) Adam Marshall : fantasy store rmx.
7) Andy Vaz : no pecos rmx.
8) Jeff Milligan : por favor rmx.
9) Duplax 100 : sans adore rmx.
10) Si-cut.db : adore rmx.

CD1 contains Pan/tone's compositions, showing many unique features to his sound. Ranging from Minimal Techno to punchy techno+rock (Rockno), a sound that rocks dancefloors and complements the whiskey in hand idea. However pan/tone's approach is more of a broader musical appeal. Pan/tone's theory is to focus on creating a "Techno" sound that will hopefully branch away from the norm.

CD2 offers exclusive reworks of Pan/Tone music by Jeff Milligan-Algorithm, Losoul, Si-cut.db, Falko Brockseiper & Mia / SubStatic, Andy Vaz, Frank Martiniq, Rene Braithwarth, Duplex 100, Adam Marshall, Repair.

Shelbono is now based in Cologne, Germany for his fondness with the cities laid back appeal and the people he has befriended. Under the mùoniker Shed Le Rock he has inked a 4 album deal with Ladomat / Mute, so rest assured his music is gonna spread like wildfire.
A major tour in Europe is in developement for his return to your dancefloors. So, If you happen to see shelbono del monte at a club, chances are he‚ll be ordering you a round of whiskey shooters...cheers!

DISCOGRAPHY (only albums + eps) :
pan/tone : unsubscribe e.p. (Sub-Static records).2004
gringo grinder (pan/tone) : breakfest included CD + 2 e.p. (Onitor records).2004
pan/tone : dogtime remix (Killer records).2004
pan/tone : toronto knights e.p. (Dumb-Unit records).2004
pan/tone : green bottles & teen models e.p. (sub-static records).2003
pan/tone : funky martini e.p. (background records).2003
pan/tone : click house compilation (neuton 3-CD) 2003
gringo grinder: sotto voce e.p. (ab intio recordings) 2002
pan/tone : quién es su papa, mama fina? e.p. (revolver records) 2002
pan/tone :P.L.O. cd (era recordings) 2001
gringo grinder : jalapeno rock cd (era recordings) 2000