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eleven stages of intervention
(Bleep 36)

Following releases on such visionary labels as Lo Recordings, Simon Raymonde’s Bella Union, Too Pure and Kraak, Bip_Hop is pleased to welcome the release of Rothko's newest10-track album, Eleven Stages of Intervention.

Following collaborations with Susumu Yakota (Distant Sounds of Summer) and Caroline Ross (A Place Between), composer and band mainstay Mark Beazley (bass), Michael Donnelly (bass), Ben Page (keyboards/percussion) and Tom Page (drums) continue to create a warm and inviting sound, where solitary keyboard melodies transition from exploratory passages and fragile beauty intertwines effortlessly through somber basslines.

Rothko's 2002 album "A Continual Search for Origins" is said to find its base in Beazley's visits to Switzerland, Eleven Stages of Intervention immediately ushers listeners to a similar mapping of interpersonal relationships, stories and insights. 'sit in silent though' (a full-band reworking of the Bad Hand single track) and 'break the cycle of sorrow' (a desire first voiced in 2003's Wish for a World without Hurt 12-inch and BLK w/ BEAR collaboration) act as familiar, yet renewed and re-imaged, pages in the Rothko sound-diary. 'weather every storm' along with 'give.every.thing' and 'watch the black sun fade' are additional stand-out tracks.

The music of Rothko at equal turns challenges and comforts the listener. At first perhaps confrontational, yet ultimately nurturing. Familiar passages evolve from the improvisational ether. Healing follows conflict. Eleven Stages of Intervention -- the band's eleventh fulllength release -- adds to Rothko's already innovative and impressive catalogue.

how to order

1) say something to someone
2) give. every. thing.
3) tell your story to the windss
4) be invisible
5) place a star up in the sky
6) weather every storm
7) break the cycle of sorrow
8) sit in silent thought
9) watch the black sun fade
10) light a lantern on the water