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SAME ACTOR: sharp edges
[Bleep 30]

"Sharp Edges" uses stringed instruments, microphones and computers to respond to life on a world where the news always seems to revert to death tolls and messed up weather. The plectrum, mizrab and hammer strike taut wires to initiate mournful waveforms, shaped into thirteen separate situations. Cautious optimism can be found in the sitar dialogues of "Nothing Yet" and "Red Yellow Walrus", and the lush voice of Jane Bartholomew is used to try to convey some of nature's serenity on "Squash", but Same Actor generally enjoys making miserable music. "Deforestation" concludes, previous concerns of rhythm and brevity are hacked aside and only a realtime barbed wilderness remains.

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1) light years
2) nothing yet
3) dulcimer scramble suit
4) red yellow porpoise
5) celeriac
6) sharp edges
7) tread carefully
8) hammer
9) extreme pumpkin
10) squash
11) morph
12) take a bow
13) deforestation
14) gone
15) empty shell

Same Actor is a name used by Chris Cook for music made predominantly with guitar, sitar and dulcimer, processed into subtle music. The 2003 CDR "Extreme Pumpkin" attracted a fair amount of interest, with tracks scuplted from sampling acoustic instrumentation, some of these tracks reappear in altered forms on this, the debut Same Actor album proper "Sharp Edges" via the BiP_HOp label. For live performance, Cook likes to carry as many instruments as possible to venues to incorporate into soundscapes using the ubiquitous and ever amenable Max MSP, using no prerecorded or presequenced material.

Aside from Same Actor, Chris is Hot Roddy when indulging himself in breakbeat sitar abuse for labels local to his current home, Brighton, UK such as Wrong Music and Heres My Card Records, as well as producing many CDRs under a variety of guises. He also takes an active role with Brighton's Spirit of Gravity collective, promoting monthly nights of live electronic and experimental music. The Spirit of Gravity internet radio show on Totally Radio is also hosted by Cook, with Lee Hume from Rashamon every fortnight.


Only child Cook usually works alone, playing many gigs in and around Brighton and London including Sprawl, Wrong Music at the Hayward Gallery and supporting some of his favourite acts such as Max Tundra, Charlottefield, Utabi, Req, Doormouse and Chevron. Joyous exceptions to this rule include collaborations with the legendary laptop musician Henry Collins and guitarist Jim Black from Urban Myth, with Rashamon for the 2004 Placard Festival in London, and cellist Bela Emerson. Such collaborations involve remix projects and playing live together.Chris is a member of Geoff Reader's group El Maes and has contributed to BiP_HOp label boss Philippe Petit's Deviationists project.