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SI-cut.DB : enthusiast
(Bleep 07)

"Enthusiast" is the 4th si-cut.db album, and another move forward for Benford's sound, following on naturally from the groundwork done by Tennis, his project with Ben Edwards (Benge).
si-cut.db presents the varnished sound of "Enthusiast" Music of different timbers: this 4th si-cut.db (previously si-{cut}.db, but now stripped down) is the bridge between and micro rhythms and carpentry. A major proportion of the sounds are samples of woodwork noises, different timbers, turning processes, shavings, planings, splintered pieces, contact mikes on veneered surfaces, acoustic instruments such as piano, fused with microsounds to create a rhythmic template between digital glitch and organic sources. Literally, different timbers and timbres; the grain on the wood becoming almost the grooves of a vinyl record, spiralling forward.
The music speaks for itself.
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SI-cut.DB aka Douglas Benford

Douglas Benford has covered many musical bases with si-cut.db (previous outings being more dance-based, electronica, drum n' bass and jazz), Radial Blend (abstract electronica), Media Form (Eno-like ambience), Phoenix Jig (exotic techno), Pantunes Music (a dark drum and bass and jazz hybrid), founding the Suburbs Of Hell and Sprawl labels. Lately Benford has been returning to his germanic roots with Tennis, which has garnered comparisons with Vladislav Delay, Pole etc. SI-CUT.DB was apparently in the top 200 of US College radio acts played in 1999....!
A new EP of Si-cut.db material is out later this year on BACKGROUND (Germany), and new compilation tracks have recently appeared on Fibla's SPA.RK (Spanish) label, BIP-HOP (France), The Wire magazine's WIRETAPPER, also also track on a MIXMAG cover mounted CD, the CounterIntelligence (germany), Hmm (SPRAWL, UK) collections...

A further new si-cut.db album is due on the FALLT label.
Recent remixes by Benford/si-cut.db include ST ETIENNE, Youth's DUB TREES, JANEK SCHAEFER, and HRVATSKI. In the past Benford has also remixed, produced, and collaborated with Andrew Weatherall, Scanner, Momus, Sarah Cracknell (St Etienne), Add N TO (X)...
In London, Benford has played at places as diverse as the Rumpus Rooms, the Electronic Lounge, Sunday Best, the British Arts Council website launch event, the Dogstar, and abroad: The Monastery Of Sound events and Le lieu Unique (Nantes), Batofar boat, Nouveau Casino in France, Berlins' Avantpop 2001 (with Matmos/Mu-ziq/kid 606/safety scissors), and The Frigid Club, Sydney, Australia (plus radio interviews on ABC's Other Worlds, Paradigm Shift at 2ser). Si-cut.db has also performed at Sprawl's GROUNDSWELL (along with VERT, SUTEKH, FENNESZ, JAN JELENIK, DAVID TOOP and HALLUCINATOR) event at the ICA, London.
Never one to remain idle, Benford currently is also working live with BENGE on TENNIS (who recently played along side TO ROCOCO ROT and LUOMO at the AQUAPLANING festival france), on some live collaborations with string outfit CHI2 (KLF/Laurie Anderson/Moby), whilst helping with their debut album. SI-CUT.DB are performances coming up in Scotland, Paris and New York and there will be a piece for the Centre of Contemporary Art in Glasgow (with BitTonic) alongside Evan Parker & The Sneaker Pimps.
Aside from appearing on BBC TV, SKY TV, KISS FM, Benford appeared with Stockhausen (!) amongst others on "The Well Tempered Computer - Are Computers able to compose?" a documentary that took place on national Culture-TV's "ARTE" in Germany.
si-cut.db has been regularly played on JOHN PEEL, BBC RADIO'S MIXING IT and across the world..

What the press have said about SI-CUT.DB releases :
ALTERNATIVE PRESS (US) "reveals new nuances with each play."
THE WIRE "excellent...startling...ambient acupuncture of the highest order"

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