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SI-CUT.DB : From Tears; Beach Archive
(Bleep 28)

A traveller deals with the burden of digitized dreams...
This latest SI-CUT.DB album, the 7th one proper, is a culmination of 2 years of work in which Douglas Benford sets off on his own personal exploration and reclamation of electronica, a journey circumnavigating the 'si-cut.db dub and micro-house music templates' with a nostalgic but escapist slant, infused with his own original sonic sensibilities (and grooves).

Aiming to creating a 21st century 'Another Green World' (the benchmark Eno album from 1975, and an influence on Benford's youth) this new CD, 'FROM TEARS: Beach Archive' is a collection of work composed at many coastal locations across the world. With his laptop strapped to his backpack, Benford spent many weeks exploring waterways and seafronts - whether in Riga, Vancouver, Athens, Aberdeen or the coast of Devon in England, and from this a beach theme emerged, whilst the music is complimented with rich evocative digital waves and washes, generated using a variety of software combinations. The album is mastered by click and cuts and software wunderkind TWERK aka Shawn Hatfield in San Francisco.

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CD 1 32kb
1) come to the moments
2) despite of, not because of
3) sustain a rift
4) before beach archive
5) authenticity
6) based on the lost episode
7) polite society
8) issues? me?
9) from tears
10) tan gentle
11) tenure

In addition to the 11 tracks audio tracks the album is complimented by the Quicktime video 'Belonging', a collaborative short film with Vancouver-based Pixelwrangler (dir. Jon Anastasiades).
This last year Benford, in his SI-CUT.DB guise, spent much of his time in transit, performing at events such as SYNCH (Greece), CONFLUENCES (France), NEW FORMS (Canada), NOKIALAB (Russia), and ULTRASOUND (UK). Also he has been curating the on-going SPRAWL events in London - now reaching its' 9th year - as well a regular show on Resonance FM.

Recently involved in the RT-32 radio telescope (creating music from astronomical recordings) in Latvia, and also reworking excerpts of JEM FINER's Longplayer, this year Benford has also played alongside alongside STEPHAN MATHIEU (as well as recording the 'und.and' album with him), POLE, THOMAS FEHLMANN, LEAFCUTTER JOHN, SND, AGF, IRIS GARRELFS, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, SCANNER, KIM CASCONE, KAFFE MATTHEWS , and FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER. Benford's also has on-going work with collaborator BENGE (Expanding) as TENNIS (also on BiP_HOp).

"si-cut.db offer(s) futuristic soundscapes that teem with prickly ambience"
Time Out, NEW YORK
"Amazing" Nick Luscombe, XFM
"Excellent...startling...ambient acupuncture of the highest order"
"Slithering crackles and fizzes...sweeping the audience along with it"
THE WIRE magazine
"I call him the Dub Meister"
SCANNER, artist

Selected discography - all CD albums unless{cut}.db "Nuisance" 1995 (Suburbs Of Hell)
si-{cut}.db vs. scanner "Bovine Revolver" 12" EP 1999 (Sprawl)
si-cut.db "Enthusiast" 2001 (BiP_HOp)
Tennis "Furlines" 2003 (BiP_HOp)
si-cut.db "Find Some Shade" 2003 (HighpointLowlife)
si-cut.db & stephan mathieu/full swing "Und.and" 2003 (Fallt/BiP_HOp)
si-cut.db "Offices at night" 2004 (Fallt) XMAG