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TONNE : SOUNDTOYS 2 x 12 [v.1]
(bleep 17)
Music by Scanner, Hakan Lidbo, Si-cut.db, Tonne.

"The website for the France-based record label Bip-Hop features one of the finest audio-games currently on the web. The game, introduced on the Bip-Hop homepage as "a present from Studio Tonne," is deceptively elegant:." DISQUIET, USA July 2002
Featuring work by four of the most innovative characters in electronic music today – Håkan Lidbo, Scanner, Si-Cut.Db and Tonne, this hybrid CD presents both works by the artists as well as an additional CD-ROM element. The project is designed to allow musicians to diversify their working methods in using the Soundtoy software to generate new work. The audio side has two tracks by each artist created using the software, each very different in manner and explication.
"I invited the musicians to use the software and record the results. The original Soundtoys software was developed as research work at the Royal College of Art in London. Coming from a background in design I wanted to make my own software with applications in a design environment." Paul Farrington, aka Tonne
The CD contains the original Soundtoys software and sounds that were used in the creation of the tracks, so you have access to all original sounds that were used by the artists featured on this album allowing you to create your own mix, as well as optionally being able to use your own sounds to create new works.

1) Håkan Lidbo
2) Scanner
3) Si-Cut.Db
4) Tonne
5) Håkan Lidbo
6) Scanner
7) Si-Cut.Db


Håkan Lidbo has released more than 100 records on labels like Mille Plateaux (GER), Skam (UK), Fragile (USA), Force-inc (GER), and many others. He has remixed artists like Fatboy Slim, Ashley Beedle, Vladislav Delay, Mikael Stavostrand, Midfield General, Lisa Shaw and many others. He is currently working with Swiss cult group Yello on their forthcoming album.

Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud creates absorbing, multi-layered soundscapes that twist technology in unconventional ways. As well as producing compositions and audio CDs, his diverse body of work includes soundtracks for films, performances, radio, and site-specific intermedia installations.

Si-Cut.Db aka Douglas John Benford is known mainly as 'si-cut.db' but also over the years as Radial Blend, Media Form. He has worked with Scanner, St Etienne, BitTonic, Andrew Weatherall, and Add N To X. Currently collaborating with Benge on Tennis recordings, plus also Stephan Mathieu and Marc Weiser (Rechenzentrum), he is director of the London based Sprawl club and label

Tonne aka Paul Farrington
develop and produce controlled systems for sound and image interaction. Earlier work includes visuals for Scanner, Springheel Jack, Pole and Monolake.
Tonne now provides visuals for its own music. Tonne has performed at Ars Electronica (Austria), Phonotaktik (Austria), Barbican (London) Splitski New Media Festival (Croatia), Sonar (Spain), Batofar (Paris), El (Stockholm), FCMN (Canada), Expanded Cinema (Italy), Lovebytes (UK) and Steim (Holland).

Tonne on Show in Wien (2002)