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This album is a collaboration between Spaceheads and Max Eastley, from England.
• M. Eastley started his carreer back in the 70s releasing albums on Brian Eno's ambient label, since then he has exhibited his art (mostly paintings and sound sculptures) in countless galleries all around the world.
• Spaceheads is a duo featuring Andy Diagram (trumpet/machines) and Richard Harrison (drums). They have released several albums worldwide, and continue to tour extensively. A head on collision between the ancient roar of trumpet and drums and the space age buzz of electrified sound... Electronica expanded through melodic improv.

the time of the ancient astronaut
Universal head expander vol.1 (Bleep 04)

From the first sound a different and special magic was evoked, captured in one afternoon on this recording.
Haunting trumpet melodies over soft drones and textures sets the mood. This slowly mutates to a world of high opera and tipsy beats that then cascades with a metallic pounding. It is Scary. The music takes on
cinematic proportions as the terrain unfolds. Interstellar landscapes are revealed. This is improvisation as a battle between the done and the possible.
MAX EASTLEY plays The Arc. A nine foot long mono chord. One string stretched over wood and played with a bow or glass rods. The pitch is changed by flexing the wood. The string can also be shortened with clips. It is then fed into electronic effects.
The SPACEHEADS is a duo mixing trumpet and electronics with drums and percussion. Plaintive trumpet calls are looped across pulsing beats that propel us into sheets of metal crashing and vibrating through tiny pick ups cranked to the full and then spun into electronic webs.

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1) the black drop of venus  
2) life without gravity  
3) ghosts
4) air as matter
5) the old moon in the young moons arms
6) interstellar escalator
7) hubble bath
8) hail bop
9) invisible nature
10) generator x
total time : 57:34

The Universal head expansion series is a series of records that the spaceheads are planning with featured
special guests. Spaceheads and Max Eastley is the first in the series.
Spaceheads met Max Eastley at a multi media extravaganza in Manchester. A man set fire to tables, fireworks
went off, the scene was set... Max cast his spell over the audience with vibrating blocks of sound from his
instrument of alchemy The Arc. The spaceheads followed him and where they overlapped a new, intoxicating
sound emerged. The audience were hynotised. It was a special moment that the Spaceheads and Max decided
to try and re-create in a recording studio. They Failed. They didn't recreate that moment. They didn't even try.
The Spaceheads and Max Eastley have sculpted a complete work from a clash of ancient and future
technologies. Music as, crafted soundscapes, sculptured washes of sound, deep textures, broad melodic
invention, spontaneous meetings.
Max Eastley, sound sculptor, artist, musician, is playing his own invention The Arc - a mono chord of wood
and wire. He scrapes, bends and flexes the sound, twisting it into an orbit of amplified experiences.
Electricity and raw noise captured and controlled, then flying out of control, bumping up against, colliding
with fellow travellers. Ancient Astronauts.

Max Eastley began in the late sixties to investigate the relationship of chance to music and visual art. Using
kinetic sound devices or the environmental forces of wind, streams and sea. These automata possessed
implications that were sculptural, architectural, theatrical and musical.
He continues to work in all these branches of creative and philosophical exploration.
Max has recently exhibited work at, the Big Chill festival UK, Sonic Boom at the South Bank London,The
ICC Centre Tokyo, and The Belfast festival amongst many others.
Max has made many recordings with The Arc, among them,"day for night" with Peter Cusack (paradigm),
'buried dreams" with David Toop, and "isolationism" a compilation on Virgin records.

The Spaceheads have been hurtling down a unique path of their own for many years now.
The Spaceheads are :
Andy Diagram - Trumpet and voice through harmoniser and echo loops
Richard Harrison - Drums and percussion and sheets of metal through electronics.

The spaceheads have been touring regularly across the globe for the last five years. They have recorded five
albums the latest "Angel Station" was released in 1999 on pandemonium records (europe) and merge records

intergalactic groove merchants - music that hits you between the ears and below the waist - Melody Maker.
a few acts fit into no category, including the spaceheads, who made bewitching abstract dance music using just trumpet and drums - New York Times
the spaceheads have long been flies in the ointment - The Wire.