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a very long way from anywhere else
(Bleep 35)

Spaceheads and Max Eastley released “A Very Long Way from Anywhere Else” on Bip Hop in April 2007. It is a follow up to "the time of the ancient astronaut" released on Bip Hop in 2001.

Spaceheads are a unique duo of trumpet (Andy Diagram) played through electronics and looped with drums (Richard Harrison). Max Eastley is a sound sculptor, artist, and musician. When with Spaceheads he plays an instrument he invented and made himself called The Arc. It is a monochord of wood and wire, which is scraped, bent and flexed into an orbit of amplified effects. Since releasing "ancient astronaut" in 2001, Spaceheads and Max Eastley have played a variety of gigs including a live session for the BBC "Mixing It" programme. Their live sets are totally improvised and form the basis of this new CD.

It was recorded at two very different locations, one an island of the south of France, and the other a remote village on the North Yorkshire moors, both venues a very long way from anywhere else. The shed is, as the name suggests not much more than a shed in the very small village of Brawby.

The Mimi festival gig was held on one of the Friouli Islands south of Marseille, the former site of a leper colony. It was on the way to the island that the Spaceheads sailed pass the infamous 'Chateau D'if ' the setting for incarceration of the future 'Count de Monte Cristo '. A reading of the book was the inspiration for most of the titles on the CD.

how to order

1) The Chamber of Statues  
2) Every Thought is buried in Time  
3) Love Lends Wings to our Desires
4) Isolation
5) Assume the Place of the Dead
6) The Dream that Murdered Sleep
7) A Very Long Way from Anywhere Else
8) Escape

“ Taste this, and the boundaries of possibility disappear; the fields of infinite space open to you, you advance free in heart, free in mind, into the boundless realms of unfettered reverie.” Alexandre Dumas ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’

Since the late 1960s, Max Eastley has been fascinated by the relationship of chance to music and art, and in environmental forces such as wind and water. He is an important and innovative figure in the field of sound art and often works in collaboration with other artists from a range of disciplines including Brian Eno, Peter Greenaway, Evan Parker and others. In 2006 he produced a sound sculpture installation at the Natural History Museum in London, which incorporated found sound recorded during Cape Farewell expeditions to the Arctic to raise awareness about climate change.

Spaceheads have released 7 CDs to date most with Bip Hop in Europe and Merge in the USA. They have toured regularly around both continents enthralling audiences with their unique mix of brass drums and electronics. “Andy Diagram's fluid and precise trumpet meshes with Richard Harrison's deft rhythmic weavings. This is dub-heavy ambience for the 21st century global village; arrangements of technology and musicianship that acknowledge there are no barriers anymore.”
The Wire Magazine

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