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TENNIS : europe on horseback
(Bleep 03)

Tennis is Benge (real name Ben Edwards) and si-{cut}.db (real name Douglas Benford), two renown solo sonic artists in their own rights; Tennis is part of an on-going London based collaboration exploring digital and electro-acoustic sounds and rhythms combined with 21st century audio software. All tracks are recorded at Benge's Expanding Studio bunker.
"Wooden Sweets" was the first Tennis release on the Cologne label ElectroChemicalResearch. The latest album is entitled "Europe on Horseback", and shows a progression of the "Tennis sound" into a harder more digital/glitchy but accesible rhythmic realm, with dub and german influences to the fore. Tennis have already played a few gigs, one of which was was supporting Vladislav Delay in London. Tennis have also jammed on Coldcut's and provided a mix for their Solid Steel radio show.
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1) civic halo
2) contube alomany
3) weakness together
4) self-seal mishap
5) safelle
6) port helix
7) loose-knit pierrot
8) debonair content
total time : 51:33

Benge aka Ben Edwards

Ben started recording as Benge in 1995 and set up Expanding Records to release his own cds. In 1998 he signed a deal with Sub Rosa to release Benge albums, and has also appeared on their 'Substantia' series of compilations. A Benge album will released on Sprawl in the future. His albums on SUB ROSA are "The very best of..." and "silicon valleys".
Ben's Expanding Records continues to release projects by other artists such as his collaborative Volume project (a moog/fairlight based retrofunk outfit), and new signings Digital Muppet (distorted computer beats) and Munk (dark electronics). Volume have appeared live at the 333 club, London, and are planning a series of performances in art galleries. The "Bengelive" project started in March 99 in collaboration with DJs Spongeboy & Tench when they played at the Sprawl club in London. The
"Bengelive" set is written specifically to be performed live and features live keyboards and mixing from computer by the 3 performers. Since the Sprawl Club Benge has played at the Monastery of Sound festival in France, Moon Palace (at Babushkas) and Rehabilitation (at the Foundry) in London.
Recent BENGE performances have been at the BATOFAR (Paris) and MONASTARY OF SOUND 3 and there will be an Expanding Records night featuring 4 live acts + DJs and visuals by Dfuse in soon to coincide with the release of albums by Benge, Tennis and Volume.
The Benge version of "Kum Bay Yah" on Sprawl's Hmm
compilation is a landmark in digital pop art.
website:, for more.

Sep 95: 'electro-orgoustic music' cd album
Sep 96: 'beautiful electronic music' cd album
Apr 97: 'polyrythmic electronica' cd ep
Dec 97: 'I, computor' cd album
May 98: 'home music' cd album
May 99: 'experimental non-vocal electronic pop' cd album
Other releases:
May 99: Volume (in collaboration with P Elliott and R Lee) 'computergun ep'
cd ep on Expanding Records
Oct 99: Benge 'the very best of.' cd compilation on Sub Rosa
Apr 2000: Tennis (in collaboration with si[cut]db) 'wooden sweets' cd album
on ECR records [Germany]
Jun 2000: Volume 'evolver' cd album on Expanding Records
Jun 2000: Benge 'silicon valleys' cd album on Sub Rosa
Tracks on
Hmm - various artists (sprawl)
Substancia - various artists (sub rosa)

si-{cut}.db aka Douglas Benford

London-based SI-[CUT}.DB (pronounced 'Sye Kut Dee Bee') aka Douglas Benford has had many recorded releases under many guises: mainly as SI-{CUT}.DB, but also Radial Blend, Phoenix Jig, Pantunes Music & Media Form, covering electronica/drum n' bass/ambient, and then into jazzy-glitch and SI-CUT.DB Douglas also runs and plays at the SPRAWL club, based in London, and its label SPRAWL IMPRINT.
SI-CUT.DB/Douglas has just remixed a track for St ETIENNE's new single and has a classic SI-CUT.DB track on MIXMAG's recent Osymyso cover mounted mix cd. There was a recent SI-CUT.DB VS. BITTONIC track on The Wire magazine's
last WIRETAPPER CD, and upcoming tracks on FIBLA'S Spanish label SPA.RK...also Douglas has just completed a 'physcial remix' of JANEK SCHAEFER'S WOW.
Recent SI-{CUT}.DB tracks have been on the German/US CounterIntelligence collections along with Kreidler, Aube etc, and more si-cut.db will be appearing on LAW&AUDER's up-coming "DUB AUDER" compilation, and a remix on a new Hrvatski/RKK US project with FARMERS MANUAL, GENERAL MAGIC, LOWFISH, JAKE MANDELL, MDK, THURSTON MOORE, SPEEDRANCH, WHEEL and V/VM. SI-{CUT}.DB
also has a track on Sprawl's HMM album project with VLADISLAV DELAY, WANG INC, FARBEN, DAVID TOOP, CARL STONE, KIT CLAYTON, and FREEFORM....and SI-CUT.DB is apparently in the top 200 of US College radio acts played in the last year!
As SI-{CUT}.DB he has recorded three albums, and as part of Pantunes Music, a number of remixes, and the odd Playstation soundtrack. In the past Douglas has also remixed, produced, and collaborated with Andrew Weatherall, Scanner, Momus, Sarah Cracknell (St Etienne), Add N TO (X) and produced documentary soundtracks. He has Djed at places as diverse as the Rumpus Rooms, the Dogstar, The Batofar (Paris), Futuresonic, the Electronic Lounge, Sunday Best and other events, as well as being a regular live act and DJ at Sprawl events. SI-CUT.DB will be playing live in Berlin in January.
Douglas currently is working with BENGE on TENNIS, on some live collaborations with string outfit CHI2 (KLF/Laurie Anderson/Moby) and SI-{CUT}.DB audio/visual performances.
Si-cut.db has recently performed at Sprawl's GROUNDSWELL (along with VERT, SUTEKH, FENNESZ, JAN JELENIK, DAVID TOOP and HALLUCINATOR) event at the ICA, London and Monastary Of Sound 3, France, and will be playing in Berlin
in January.
What the press have said about SI-CUT.DB releases :
WRECK THIS MESS RADIO SHOW, AMSTERDAM: "putting jazz to drum and bass and electronic minimal blips to forge yet another hybrid of new musics to melodic kinetic and frenetic effect."
ALTERNATIVE PRESS (US) "an album that reveals new nuances with each play."
MELODY MAKER "....ambio beats and noise fest....marvellous"
THE WIRE "excellent...startling...ambient acupuncture of the highest order"
MAGIC FEET "abrasive muzak comparable to To Rococo Rot"

Douglas Benford for "si-cut.db audio systems", Sprawl and Tennis (umpire).