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TENNIS : furlines
(includes a free CD of remixes)
(Bleep 20 / 21)

Their new and third album. Tennis have been playing quite a few shows (including Tate Modern and Ars Electronica) and the collaboration between Douglas Benford (si-cut.db) and Benjamin Edwards (Benge) is now really 'interactional'. Extending that ideal of exchanging and sharing, the underpinning concept of the new album is a walk into the woods, with Ben and Douglas acting as your guide in the darkness. 'Furlines' is a soundtrack of the digital rustling of the forest animals as they fleetingly pass before you, the scurrying tracks of mammals viewed though a veil of electronic breezes and feral melodies.

At the same time Tennis opened their heart to some friends... So you get a additional CD packed with remixes of tracks that appeared on "europe on horseback", their previous album.
"Furlines" is BiP_Hop’s 20th record, in two years of existence, so to celebrate the birthday it includes this second CD free.
Usually we @ BiP_HOp are not satisfied with remixers changing but a few notes. So, it would have been out of the question to fall in that trap, Komet, Scanner, Taylor Deupree, Oren Ambarchi (as The Jerker), Electronicat, Pimmon, Tim Hecker (Jetone) and many others manage to bring their own touch to the original, starring almost 70 minutes of tennis decompositions.
Enjoy the present!
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ben & douglas
CD 1 : FURLINES 32kb
1) inedible doormouse  
2) bat 2 far  
3) vole shapes
4) pine martin eden  
5) bad hare day  
6) otter story  
7) badger tracks  
8) mole colour  
1 self-seal mishap
12,000m above halifax mix

taylor deupree
2 debonair content
debonaer mix

3 civic halo
slow motion halo mix

4 self-seal mishap
undertaker mix

tim hecker
5 safelle
viral spectra mix

kim cascone
6 weakness together
dvojitá chyba mix

7 self-seal mishap
hard drive mishap56 mix

8 safelle
safelle rmx

frank bretschneider
9 contube alomany

10 civic halo
permafrost mix

11 contube alomony
[j-jay jeans mix]

12 port helix
doug dug facer mix

the jerker / oren ambarchi
13 contube alomany
<<extends>> disjoin mix

c k dexter haven
14 loose-knit pierrot

mikael stavöstrand
15 self-seal mishap
no more self harm mix

bovine life

ben & douglas by Iris Garrelfs