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Twine is Greg Malcolm and Chad Mossholder. Chad lives in Boulder, CO, USA, and works as a sound designer/composer for a video game company. Greg Malcolm is based in Cleveland, OH, USA, and works as a digital audio engineer. Greg and Chad perform together and separately as Twine all over the country and internationally. Both Greg and Chad collaborate on studio projects, and they have a kind of post-modern digital age working relationship.

The Twinesound is a structure meets noise vs melody sound, always morphing into something new…glitchy beats collapse into warm swarms of static, long atmospheric drones become abstract soundscapes where cold dark ambience and stark angular structures meet.

Twine has performed all over the US and internationally as well, performing with such renown acts as; Thomas Brinkmann, Mark Amerika, Oval, Faust, While, Mouse on Mars, Slicker, Telefon Tel Aviv, Richard Devine, Troum, the Boxtop Ensemble, Chicago Underground Duo, Marumari and Francisco Lopez and at everything from outdoor festivals, art galleries, and academic shows to chill-rooms at rave type events.

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A Delicious Part of Your Balanced Audio Diet.
By David Morris,
“Twine are masters of a seemingly impossible task, a synthesis of sonic experimentation and rhythmic architecture that is entrancing and unique. They are most easily categorized as electronic musicians, sharing the minimal, atmospheric warmth of Autechre and Plaid, but they mix into this an unprecedented dedication to the abstract and experimental. This is evident in their dark, sparse approach and their use of unusual sound sources, including a seemingly infinite palette of static. It is from this foundation that they catapult themselves into a supremely rarified realm—they make adventurous, forward-looking music that is supremely listenable.”


Reference : CD full-length : Ad-astra 1999 (USA)
Resource : CD remix project : Ad-astra 2000 (USA)
Immediate Action #3 : 12” single : Hefty 2000 (USA)
Twine Components : CD-ROM Acid 2.0 : Sonic Foundry 2000 (USA)
Circulation : LP full-length : Komplott 2001 (Sweden)
Immediate Action : 2xCD : Hefty 2001 (USA)
Bip-Hop Generation 4 : CD comp : Bip-Hop 2001 (France)
Twine Build : CD-ROM Acid 3.0 : Sonic Foundry 2002 (USA)

Recorder : CD full-length : Bip-Hop-spring 2002 (France)
Full-length : CD/LP : Hefty 2002 (USA)
Tomlab Label Comp : CD : Tomlab 2002 (Germany)
Split w/T.Masakatsu : CD : Falt/Bip-Hop-2002 (France/Ireland)
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