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WANG INC. : risotto in 4/4
(bleep 15)

Bartolomeo Sailer comes from Italy, his first disc was released on Sonig/Thrill Jockey and received some attention. Then he appeared on numerous compilations, up to this long awaited new full-length.

Everything has its own rhythm, or almost anything… « silence is a rhythm too » said the slits. John Cage would only agree with them . Food itself may symbolize rhythm : cooking and consuming may be seen as an illustration of it. The starters represent cold though entertaining musical patterns, which do not suffer excessive expansion… The main dishes do not require such careful attention and allow our imagination to elaborate a more personal beat.

1) clear a space for the king
2) tansylvanian spy
3) martian b-boy
4) voice to your sponsor  
5) sprinkling time  
6) lonely stars
7) hexentanz
8) frogs betting
9) sonic killer  
10) forgotten kurdish workers  
11) warm folder  
12) frenetic tuner  
13) the robot with the accordion  
14) www.trapped in an artificial spider web
15) say,do,kiss  

Rice has a pattern of its own due to its nature : grains may all look alike but in fact each grain is unique. The different selections of rice underline that wide variety and that inimitable character.
Numerous grades, various colours and shapes which can be combined to work out an infinite collection of recipes. At the same time, a micro rhythm as the 4/4 gave birth to several musical forms (rock, disco and …well you know it all…) and if you manipulate it with delicacy and expertise it can become an ingredient with which it will be easy to prepare a whole range of dishes. Some will become quite popular and appreciated, others, more experimental recipes that can be transformed thanks to other fresh and spicy elements (such as punk, jazz or rock) and delicately seasoned with the salt of experience that has matured, with the help of organic sounds, in Wang Inc’s electronic kitchen.

Ris8= 4/4

Life is a bizarre equation whose movement and tempo can help apprehend and understand facts, ideas and new sensations. Physical and psychological terrorism, countries living in state of perpetual tension and fear, remote nations suffering under constant waves of bombs until the whole movement reveals its sheer absurdity and utter nonsense: one day it will all look as if bombs are targeting other bombs… a necessary counterpoint to, in fact, a real mid-summer night’s reverie.

Wang Inc’s music is built around and describes these measures, thus helping you savour our future. There are no lyrics, only instrumental pieces, as a consequence our mind can wander and investigate new spaces, fool with tropes and create its own fantasy. At the end of the journey, you can withdraw in your inner self and lapse into constant bliss… a feeling very close to that of childhood when the good, the beautiful and the invincible robots used to protect our innocent and pure dreams.

IN order to record Risotto in 4/4, Wang Inc has for the first time worked exclusively with computers, leaving just a few voices and some everyday sounds. Then the whole structure is put together inside “The Machine”. The manipulation of sounds that has been developed within the digital network has had one ambition: the research of the saturation of sound. Its distinct features have been highlighted to design a crystalline and abstract atmosphere that is truly moving.

Wang Inc has also operated with the technique known as “multiplayer composition” using in the mean time several sampling format, a modus operandi named “Bit Crushing”.
Risotto in 4/4 eventually combines the organic nature of the stomach, with the arcane resources of the mind but never forgets to get your feet involved.