Vol. 1

Bovine Life and/or/vs. Komet (Frank Bretschneider)
(Bleep 10)

Our new series documenting the process of reciprocicality is almost born, expect [reciprocess : +/vs.] vol. 1 to be ready by early 2002. It will offer the collective works of Bovine Life and/or/vs. Komet (Frank Bretschneider) A reversible Digipack whose design was invented by Christopher Murphy, operator of Fällt records. Not only a collaboration between sound-designers [reciprocess : +/vs.] is also the joint venture of Fällt and BiP_HOp.

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01 [Frank Bretschneider re-constructs Bovine Life] riss 10 [Komet vs. Bovine Life] (the conclusion)  
[Chris Dooks remix Komet's "flex"] flux   11 [Bovine Life] vone  
03 [Komet] chrom   12 [Bovine Life] platuex  
04 [Komet] kom   13 [Bovine Life] kaibilder  
05 [Komet] ohm   14 [Bovine Life] 60 minutes strictly I  
06 [Komet] sog 15 [Bovine Life] 60 minutes strictly II  
07 [Bovine Life vs. Komet] (the question)   16 [Bovine Life] sony  
08 [Komet vs. Bovine Life] (the reply) 17 [Bovine Life] behind
09 [Bovine Life vs. Komet] (second question)      


Bovine Life glitches out to Komet

I was in a record shop in my home town of Edinburgh – Avalanche when I first heard Frank Bretschneider's music. I loved it. I was struck by it's exacting tonal frequencies, mainly because they reminded me of a hearing test I underwent when I was fifteen. The shop's P.A. broadcasted this electronically fragile groove with some frequencies just on the border of my audible range and I found myself nodding gently to the pristine sound automatically...

At first, I didn't think the track was progressing much over the five minutes it lasted, but it soon occurred to me I had been engaged in a subtle form of electronic meditation for the duration of the track. I think the best way I can describe this music is that the track doesn't appear to go far in the traditional (compositional) sense, but the listener does .

That's not to say Frank's music isn't ever loose. I think one of the reasons I like this music is because it marries precise syncopation with the freedom of a penny rattling around in a jar.
There are boundaries, but it's as if the creator of the music has set up the track like a science project - tamed the chaos, and then put the lid on the sound.

All this (warm) military precision is the antithesis of my own forays into electronic music - they basically resemble scruffy, mutant and promiscuous audio-one-night-stands. I am not pure. I am messy and untidy - I think I may be diseased from my working practices. You can hear this evidence in my stuff - it can be impatient, rude, painful or playful. Even shambolic, so I reckoned it would be an interesting experiment to fuse our stuff together.
It would either discipline myself or disease Frank !

Because our styles are different, we had to be speaking some kind of similar tongue, albeit an electronic one. It wasn't an oil and water collaboration - I think that could have been disastrous, but I was nicely surprised by the opening track "Riss" - Frank's remix of my material from my web site "kit" of samples. It's got a sense of humour - and how much glitch/click/cut music has that ?
I was very keen that this was going to be a collaboration forged strictly over the net, so we both sent each other economical mp3 files to fashion into new material. While this method of working wasn't ground breaking, it was still exciting that I could sit in my studio and collaborate with someone in Berlin. I am the kind of person that still gets completely blown away by the fact that the telephone network exists and works.

I really enjoyed collaborating. Friends would wander into my studio (a cupboard in my flat) and ask me what I was doing. I would say "well right now... right this minute, I am making a track with a German guy. There's this guy in Berlin, right..." It felt very empowering. I have never met Frank Bretschneider, yet we've made an album !

Chris Dooks AKA Bovine Life, Edinburgh, June 2001

BOVINE LIFE discography :

2001 - Bovine Life "social electrics" [bleep 06]______September 2001
digital artist, broadcast tv director and musician has been jamming through the modem, speaking in electronic tongues, and collaborating with Kohn, Third Eye Foundation, Future Pilot Aka, and artists from labels such as Mego (Alku), Leaf (Ylyptyk), Diskono... Enhanced CD features a short movie by Chris Dooks.
2001 – 4 songs on compilation BiP-HOp Generation v. 3 [bleep 05]
1999 - Collaboration with Future Pilot AKA on The Future Pilot AKA album : "A Galaxy of Sound" (Sulphur Records)

KOMET / Frank Bretschneider selected discography :

1986 AG.GEIGE/Yachtclub&Buchteln (klangFarBe/Tape,1998 raster-noton/CD)
1989 AG.GEIGE/Trickbeat (Amiga/CD/LP)
1991 AG.GEIGE/Raabe! (Zensor/CD/LP)
1996 Komet/Saat (Rastermusic/CD)
1996 PRODUKT/Float (Rastermusic/CD)
1997 Komet/Flex (Rastermusic/CD)
1997 PRODUKT/Stretch (Rastermusic/CD)
1998 SIGNAL/Waves+Lines (raster-noton/CD)
1999 Komet/20' To 2000/January (raster-noton/CD)
1999 Frank Bretschneider/Rand (Mille Plateaux/CD/2x12")
2000 SIGNAL/Centrum (raster-noton/CD)
2000 Komet/Rausch (12k/CD)
2001 Frank Bretschneider/Curve (Mille Plateaux/CD/2x12")