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Guapo were formed in London in 1994, and released three singles + one album on their own Power Tool before they started working with the French-based label Pandemonium Rdz. A collaboration which first led to the release of a split single (with Oharu) on its division "Erase -yer- Head"; then the six song EP : GUAPO vs. Magma ; and today the 10 song album : HIROHITO.

"Hirohito" is the second full-length album from Guapo, and the first as a duo of Matt Thompson (sampler/guitar) and Dave Smith (drums), with special guest Caroline Kraabel on saxophone. She formerly played with The Honkies, and is now a well renowned solo performer. Caroline is currently the leader of a 20 piece saxophone ensemble, called The Mass Producers.

"Hirohito" is an entertaining melange of noise, improv., electronics, prog., opera and sample viruses, utilising sax, CD player, metal, etc...
The plunderphonic approach to songwriting recontextualises sample sources such as Japanese folksongs, sound effects records and the Chinese national anthem, creating absurdist Noise Operettas out of aural detritus.

"Hirohito" is the cut-and-paste collage aesthetics of John Cage / Negativland / John Zorn rubbing up against the base stupidity of Black Sabbath.

Guapo have toured Europe five times,and will spend much of 1998/1999 supporting the release of their new album "Hirohito" by touring their astonishing live show (often including odd performing) in France, England, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Norway, Denmark and numerous other countries.
Angle-grinders, blood-soaked drumkits and distressed electronics featured heavily.

Where others are spilling their seed on barren soil, GUAPO are cultivating the fertile ground between Xenakis and ZZ Top, John Cage and Judas Priest, Merzbow and Motley Crue. It's Ace Frehley attempting the collected works of James Blood Ulmer in the style of Sun Rà.

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MATT THOMPSON (sampler/guitar)

DAVE SMITH (drums)

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Hell is other people (3sg. EP - 1995. Power Tool)

Guapo is no more (4sg. EP - 1996. Power Tool)

Horse walks into a bar (3sg. EP - 1996. Power Tool)

Towers open fire (12sg. CD - 1997. Power Tool)

2 tracks on a split with Oharu (EP - 1997 . Erase -yer- Head)

Guapo vs. Magma (6sg. EP - 1998. Pandemonium/Power Tool)

HIROHITO (10sg. CD - sept 1998. Pandemonium/Power Tool)

Great sage equal of heaven (8sg. CD - march 2001. Pandemonium/Tumult)

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