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HINT are one of the most innovative and rich band that has ever come out of France, based in Angers, the universe composed by Hervé Thomas and Arnaud Fournier leads you into a unique dimension... somewhere between White Noise and Cloudy Ambiences.

So far Hint have issued three records :

"100% White Puzzle" in 1995, on the now defunct label Black & Noir.

The following year on Pandemonium Rdz. a 500 copy limited edition, vinyl only, album of remixes named "Product Topology : A Deconstruction Of 100% White Puzzle".

And last, but not least, again on Pandemonium, the long awaited second album, entitled "DyS_"
From claustrophobic to aery, a mix of distorted sounds, ethnic pieces, lamenting horns creating brilliant structures. Hint never repeat themselves, always recreate themselves, thus losing the audience in an atmosphere of Noïz... or a Noïz atmosphere...

In the Summer Hint recorded their third album on which they immerse the listener in an ocean of sound, treading a fine line between Noise and Ambience. Comparisons have been made with Can, This Heat and Labradford... but in actuality Hint sound like no-one other than themselves. Best album from one of the most intelligent French act.

"WU-WEI" is a masterpiece !

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HERVE THOMAS (samples,sequences, guitars, bass, vocals, piano) and

ARNAUD FOURNIER (guitar, saxophone, trumpet, flute)

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100 % White puzzle - 1995 - (Black & Noir)

"Product Topology : A Deconstruction Of 100% White Puzzle". - 1996 - (Pandemonium Rdz.)
Sold out

"Dys-" - 1997 - (Pandemonium Rdz.)

"Wu-wei" - 1998 - (Pandemonium Rdz.)

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Hint : the official site

Fragile (side project of Hervé Thomas)

An interview with Hint (1997) -in french !!!

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