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New York City's much famed noise rock trio celebrate their ten year anniversary by delivering their heaviest and most punishing record to date.

Guitarist/vocalist Chris Spencer, percussionist extraordinaire Vinny Signorelli and bassist Dave Curran have created the definitive UNSANE record.

The band spent the last two years touring the world with the likes of NEUROSIS, COWS or SLAYER...

And then recorded "Occupational Hazard" with Billy Anderson (NEUROSIS, BRUTAL TRUTH, SLEEP, MELVINS) and Dave Sardy (SLAYER, HELMET, BARKMARKET).
Inescapable grooves, depth charge bass, punchpress percussion, the scathing swing of a Telecaster and pure vocal hostility.

Emerging from the same NYC rock underground that launched the careers of HELMET, JON SPENCER BLUES
EXPLOSION and SURGERY, UNSANE have long staked claim as the scene's most extreme band.
After meeting at college in 1988, the original trio of Spencer, bassist Peter Shore and drummer Charles Ondras began playing the usual East Coast firetraps.
The band attracted the attention of Minneapolis based indie Treehouse Records, who released the group's debut single This Town b/w Urge to Kill. Additional recordings with Wharton Tiers yielded tracks for a full-length Circuit records debut that was never released.
The band bided their time by releasing subsequent singles for Glitterhouse, SubPop, and PCP, setting the stage for their self-titled Matador/City Slang debut, released in 1991.
This record personified "noise rock," providing an irreplaceable paradigm for numerous bands to follow.

During 1992, a furious recording and touring schedule came to an abrupt halt with the untimely death of Charles Ondras.
His replacement, former SWANS/ FOETUS drummer Vinny Signorelli, joined the band in the fall of 1992, just in time to begin work on compositions for the second UNSANE album.
During that time, Matador/City Slang released a compilation of the early singles and compilation tracks aptly titled Singles.

Whatever portion of 1993 that was not spent touring and promoting the bands increasing catalog went into the creation of Total Destruction (Matador/City Slang).
The following year, Matador released a CD of the band's Peel Sessions.

Unsane switched to AmRep for 1995's Scattered, Smothered and Covered, recording the album in three sessions at the Amphetamine Reptile studio.
Named for a sloppy dish of homefries served by Waffle House, Scattered... contained the unlikely video hit Scrape.

Occupational Hazard shows Unsane at their best and you shouldn't bleed less...
Brothers of blood...

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CHRIS SPENCER vocals, guitar

DAVE CURRAN vocals, bass


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"This Town" 45t (Treehouse/1989)

"Burn" Scumbait comp. vol 1 45t. (Treehouse/1989)

"Concrete Bed" 45t. (Glitterhouse/1990)

"Vandal X' 45t. (Sub Pop/1990)

"This Town" Crunchhouse comp.LP/CD (BGlitterhouse/1990)

"UNSANE" 1er album eponyme CD/LP (Matador-City Slang/1991)

"Jungle Music" 45t. (PCP/1991)

"Boost" N.Y. Eye & Ear comp. LP/CD (Matador/1991)

"Four Sticks" Endangered Species comp. Coffret de 45t.(Glitterhouse/1991)

"SINGLES 89-92" CD/LP (Matador-City Slang/1992)

"Breathing Out" split 45t. avec Slug (PCP/1992)

"Broke" Dope, Guns & Fucking... comp. vol 7. 45t. (Amphetamine Reptile/1992)

"Bath" Mesomorph Enduros comp. LP/CD (Big Cat/1992)

"TOTAL DESTRUCTION" LP/CD (Matador-City Slang/1994)

"4 Tak" split 45t. avec Copass Grinderz (ZK/1995)



"Sick/No Soul" 45t. (Man's Ruin/1996)

"4 Tak" split 45t. avec Feedtime (Black Hole/1996)

"AMREP X-MAS" CD live (Man's Ruin/1997)

"Over Me" 45t. (Galaxia/1997)

"Committed/No Soul" split 45t. avec HINT (Erase -yer- Head/1997)

"OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD" CD (Pandemonium Rdz./1998)

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